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5th Feb 2019


Relationship Selling: Nothing transactional here with Jim Cathcart

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“The purpose of selling is to build profitable relationships. Without relationships there are only transactions and every day is just as hard as the one before it. With stronger sales relationships every day will be easier, more profitable and more fun!”

– Jim Cathcart

Relationships are a vital part in all aspects of life, whether it’s interactions with your family or gaining the trust of a new or potential client. To build lasting relationships where both parties receive value, we need to ensure we understand their motivations, needs and what they are getting from the relationship throughout the sales process.

Joining the podcast this week is award winning motivational speaker Jim Cathcart, having over 40 years of experience in professional speaking. Author of 19 books including ‘The Acorn Principle’ and ‘Relationship Selling’ Jim has a key understanding of the ways in which we can enhance our skills as sales professionals and work better with both our clients and team members.

Some places you can find Jim:

Programs Jim mentions in the podcast (yes that’s us!):



[00:55] – Jim Cathcart introduces himself his journey to professional speaking

[03:17] – The influence Earl Nightingale has on Jim’s career

[07:10] – The Acorn Principle

[09:25] – Jim gets a surprise call from Earl Nightingale

[11:28] – The motivation to write Relationship Selling

[14:09] – Advice on how to develop a positive attitude and mindset when things don’t go to plan

[17:00] – The ideas behind Relationship Selling

[18:29] – Jim explains the importance of building a relationship with your customers and what we should be doing to add value

[20:45] – The importance of trust in the sales process

[22:55]– What to do when things go wrong and trust levels returns to zero

[28:20]– The importance of truth to Jim

[29:20] – Behavioural flexibility when building a relationship

[33:26] – The basics to determine the personality type your contact is

[35:28] – How does our flexibility impact the sales result with the customer?

[36:50] – Building a relationship with people who have different personality types

[40:20] – Advice Jim would give to his younger self

[42:00] – Places you can find Jim

[43:15] – Jim sings us a tune…MUST listen!


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29th Jan 2019


Sales Leadership: Are YOU a good leader? with Mareo McCraken

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“The best stories a sales manager can tell are stories where they messed up, not their success stories – it’s actually stories where they failed. Those build the strongest connection because we connect more with failure then we do success because most of us feel we are not where we want to be.”

– Mareo McCraken

Sales Leadership

Leading a team takes more than just an understanding of the task at hand, it takes time, effort and an understanding of both your team and client’s needs. To be a good leader you must know how you can inspire your team to achieve their full potential and how to coach them through their challenges.

Joining the podcast this week is sales leader and blogger Mareo McCraken. Having been in leadership roles for the past 12 years, Mareo understands the need for leaders in all aspects of the workplace to be both committed to their increasing their team’s productivity and to maintaining a high-performance culture.

Some places you can find Mareo:

Time stamps:

[00:30] – Mario speaks about himself and his experiences with sales

[01:50] – The role a sales professional plays in the modern world

[02:40] – The importance of mindset for a sales professional

[04:00] – What makes a great sales professional?

[05:15] – Why is it important to care about your customer?

[06:20] – How do you find out your client’s goals?

[07:30] – The most important item we must facilitate to gain trust from our clients

[08:30] – Strategies to find great sales people

[09:40] – How to get the best out of your team

[11:27] – Can you maintain a high-performance culture and also meet the requirements of a leader?

[12:20] – What has Mareo done faced with rejection?

[14:10] – How important is training from a sales professional’s perspective?

[15:04] – Are great sales people really the same?

[16:40] – How technology has changed the buying process and the steps we can take to use technology to build relationships and not be distracted by social platforms

[18:30] – How do you find balance in giving value and using sales tools?

[19:40] – Knowing what content to create to give your customers value

[20:45] – Three key things we must do to get the most out of our team and ourselves

[23:00] – What we should never do as a sales manager

[24:15] – What can a coach do if his team doesn’t believe in him?

[25:35] – Sales: an art or a science?

[27:00] – Mareo’s biggest career influence and what he’d do differently

[30:20] – One thing to do today to improve your sales career

[32:03] – Where you can find Mareo


Published on:

21st Jan 2019


Prospecting: How good is YOUR narrative? with Tony Hughes

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“If you deliver the right message, what will they think as alerts ding away on their cell phone…. Go beyond social selling and think digital selling. Harness all the tools available combined with your own value narrative and Wile. E Coyote determination and cunning.”

– Tony Hughes, Combo Prospecting, page 53-54


Prospecting is a vital part of the sales process as it is essentially getting your foot in the door, but what happens when you are in that first meeting with a potential client? The narrative you present is everything.

Joining us this week is the award winning, international key note speaker Tony Hughes, talking with us about his experience in both prospecting and creating the world’s leading sales blog on LinkedIn. With over 35 years in business and sales Tony has truly become a master of his craft and with the knowledge he shares, we can take another step on our journey to becoming true sales professionals.

Other places to find out more about Tony:

Tony’s books:

If you have time to read (and you should always MAKE time for reading) checkout the article on six key prospecting tips I wrote to make sure you are getting the fundamentals right, then follow up this podcast and listen to a cracking episode featuring Mark Hunter.




Time Stamps:

[00:30] – Tony explains how he got into sales

[01:57] – The differences between sales in the US and Australia

[03:30] – Perceptions of a salesperson

[05:40] – How to change that perception

[07:20] – The importance of having the right narrative when trying to sell

[10:22] – Some elements that helped Tony become successful on LinkedIn

[11:20] – Why Tony started blogging

[13:50] – Cold calling vs Social selling

[14:30] – Luigi proves that people do pick up the phone

[15:30] – Tony reinforces the narrative is vital

[17:30] – Is Social selling a mechanism to help us prospect?

[20:00] – Trigger events

[21:45] – The motivation for writing combo prospecting

[25:40] – If people aren’t making calls how are they going to prospect?

[28:45] – The average contact attempts to engage a prospect

[33:20] – Who and what have been the biggest influences in Tony’s career

[33:55] – What to do if someone has a valid reason to say no

[39:20] – What Tony would do differently

[40:40] – One action you can do immediately to improve your sales ability

[42:30] – Tony tells us some places that you can find him



Published on:

14th Jan 2019


Closing: Nothing Nutty… Just ask!! with Anthony Iannarino

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No matter what you are selling your customer will go through a buying process. As a sales professional, it is our job to understand this buying process and the ways in which we approach customers to ensure we are doing everything we can to successfully help them through this process.

Joining us this week is Anthony Iannarino. Regarded as the number one thought leader globally in B2B sales and having written three best sellers, Anthony has shown he knows his stuff. Today he shares with us his knowledge on the buying process and how to successfully close more clients.

A few additional places you can visit to learn more about Anthony:

Time Stamps:

[00:40] – Anthony introduces himself and discusses how he ended up in sales

[05:20] – Perceptions on sales people

[08:40] – The hustler’s playbook

[11:10] – How important creating value is in the sales process

[14:40] – Anthony’s definition of closing

[15:50] – A discussion on some of the commitments made when helping customers through the buying process

[16:30] – The commitment for time

[21:20] – The commitment to explore change

[25:00] – The commitment to collaborate

[29:30] – The commitment to reach a consensus

[33:55] – The commitment to resolve

[39:00] – Why are people so afraid to ask for sale in a simple manner

[41:10] – The importance of attitude and mindset when working with customers throughout the buying and selling process

[43:40] – Sales: an art or a science?

[48:50] – Anthony’s biggest influence

[52:00] – If you could go back in time what would you do differently?


Published on:

7th Jan 2019


Increasing conversions with social selling with Daniel Disney

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As Daniel says, Social Selling is simply using social media to sell and with all the discussion around cold calling vs social selling we need a better understanding of how to utilize social channels to engage with our prospects and provide value early in the relationship.

Joining us on the podcast this week is Daniel Disney, a Master of social selling. Daniel began his career in retail before moving into selling software, online training and advertising using only traditional sales and prospecting methods. 5 Years ago, he pushed his selling strategies onto social media has quickly become a leading expert on social selling. Daniel is a master of his craft and through this podcast he shows us what tools we available to us while also showing us how we can incorporate them into our own sales techniques to become better Sales Professionals.

Some places you can find Daniel:

Time Stamps:

[01:10] – Daniel Introduces himself and how he got into sales

[02:20] – Discussion on Daniel’s LinkedIn

[03:15] – Daniel’s inspiration and motivation for starting his blog

[05:00] – Daniel’s definition for ‘Social Selling’

[06:30] – Cold calling vs social selling

[08:20] – The best way to start a conversation on LinkedIn

[10:00] – The importance of mindset when approaching a prospect on a social channel

[11:00] – What do you do when your prospect doesn’t respond?

[12:45] – The best time to use social selling in the sales process

[14:45] – The pillars we need to use to engage with prospects

[15:50] – What should we do to make our profile stand out?

[19:00] – Luigi asks for advice

[21:20] – How social selling and technology has changed the buying process and some of the ways we can help customers through the buying process

[23:25] – Do’s and Don’ts on social platforms

[26:40] – Social Selling VS Cold Calling AKA Dan Disney VS Darryl Praill:

[26:50] – Biggest influence and why

[28:40] – What Daniel would do differently

[29:30] – Bouncing back after an unexpected outcome

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