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1st Apr 2019


The Secret to successful outreach with Morgan J Ingram

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The secret to successful outreach

This week, Linkedin’s top voice of 2018 Morgan J Ingram joins the podcast to discuss SDR outreach and how to master calling your prospects and booking those meetings.  

Being both a keynote speaker and the host of the SDR Chronicles podcast, Morgan has spent a lot time learning the best ways to get through to his prospects and with the knowledge he shares we will be able to improve our outreach skills. 

Places you can find Morgan:  



[00:23] – Luigi introduces this week’s topic 

[01:45] – How Morgan got into sales and focused on SDR 

[03:10] – The biggest challenge Morgan faced getting into sales 

[03:55] – The inspiration for Morgan to focus on building capability within the SDR function  

[04:30] – Luigi and Morgan discuss how to be a good SDR 

[05:38] – How important is the phone as tool to generate prospects and opportunities?  

[07:20] – Morgan’s guide to getting through call reluctance 

[09:40] – Advice on how to get yourself motivated and keep a positive mindset 

[11:04] – The first step to making an awesome cold call 

[12:04] – Morgan’s simple process as to how to build your target persona 

[14:00] – Adjusting your tone and pace is critical in a call  

[15:03] – Did Morgan find it difficult to adjust his pace? 

[16:15] – What can we ask to peak the customers interest? 

[17:45] – Overcoming the objection of “don’t have the time” and “we have another provider”  

[20:40] – Handling the objection of “not for another 6 months” 

[23:05] – A retrospective look on what Luigi should have done when he was faced with an objection 

[25:14] – What a good sales cadence looks like 

[27:02] – Morgan and Luigi discuss what 3 tools you need for prospecting 

[29:25] – Morgan’s guide to getting past the gatekeeper 

[30:40] – What to do to get past the EAs and PAs  

[32:00] – What you MUST do when prospecting 

[33:10] – Biggest influences in Morgan’s career 

[35:20] – What would Morgan have done differently


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21st Mar 2019


Are you asking the right questions? with Richard Harris

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Are you asking the right questions?

The first 7 – 8 seconds of your first call are so critical – they are the difference between opening the door to give you opportunity to start building a relationship or another lead dropping out of your pipeline. And once you’ve opened the door, if you are not building rapport and directly showing a prospect how you can provide value – they are not going to be interested in meeting you to further the conversation on what you can do for them.

Joining the podcast this week is Richard Harris. With over 20 years of sales experience Richard is the expert on getting into first meetings, and with his guidance we learn the key tips and tricks to nail those first calls and start filling your funnel.

Places you can find Richard:


[02:10] – Richard’s journey into sales

[06:10] – The inspiration for Richard to start his business

[09:30] – What great salespeople do that make them stand out

[12:12] – Creating a burning desire in your team

[15:20] – If there’s still no desire, it’s time to make them aware

[17:20] – How we can provide value at the start of the sales process

[19:20] – Questions to help you get that first meeting

[23:02] – Building rapport and the relationship to give you the right to ask those deeper questions

[28:28] – What you can do to create value

[31:40] – what points are you targeting with your questions

[32:45 ]– Is this just B2B or can we also use it for B2C?

[36:30] – Creating the right recipe to reach for success

[38:32] – Debriefing your sales team

[41:11] – Questions to gain commitment to the sale

[43:24] – MUST do’s in the sales process

[44:36] – MUST never do in the sales process

[44:24] – Is sales a science or art?

[49:16] – The biggest influence in Richard’s sales career

[51:53] – What Richard would do differently





Published on:

13th Mar 2019


Starting conversations with people you don’t know with Marylou Tyler

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Starting conversations with people you don’t know

Understanding your company’s target market is vital to a sales professional and the best way to do this is to create ideal buyer personas for your organisation. Knowing the personas is key to opening your funnel, increasing your pipelines flow and having a healthy relationship with both your prospects and clients.

This week, prospecting and persona expert Marylou Tyler joins the podcast to discuss prospecting and the importance of creating the ideal personas within your target market so that you, as a sales professional can better understand the needs of your prospects and what you can do to lead them towards a meeting or sale. 

Having spent the last 30 years perfecting lead generation for top-of-funnel business development, Marylou knows how important the personas you use are in sales and marketing and with the knowledge she shares with us, we can take another step forward in our sales careers. 


Some places you can find Marylou



[01:00] – How Marylou got into sales

[03:10] – At the time when Marylou got into sales, what were her perceptions around it?

[04:40] – What were some of the things which Marylou had to do when she first got into sales

[07:10] – How did Marylou start to learn about the sales process and skills needed in sales today?

[08:06] – What were Mary’s inspirations for writing her books

[10:23] – What is Mary’s definition of prospecting

[11:25] – Marylou talks about account-based development

[14:40] – The importance of creating an ideal account profile and how we can start the process of building this account?

[17:50] – Do we create a single persona or multiple personas for accounts that we are targeting

[21:00] – Should we be mapping our touch-points with our prospects so that we are clear on who we are targeting and what stage of the buying process they are at

[22:29] – What type of account and what size in revenue should we be using this tactic with

[24:37] – What are some strategies we can employ to start the engagement process

[26:45] – In Marylou’s experience what has been the most consistent touch-point that you can use to reach your prospects

[28:55] – How can we lead our prospect into the first contact?

[31:18] – When you know that the customer isn’t going to be impacted by your company’s marketing what do you do?

[33:45] – Is cold calling still effective?

[36:20] – What are some of the most important tools we can use to get our prospect into the top pf the funnel

[39:45] – Is prospecting something that mature, experienced salespeople should be doing?

[41:30] – Some of the key habits highly successful SDR’s have

[44:05] – Biggest influence in your sales career and why?

[47:11] – What Marylou wished she new when she started her career in sales


Published on:

26th Feb 2019


The Sales Process: Empathize | Educate | Empower with Victor Antonio

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“We have this scale in our head… on one hand you have certainty and on the other hand you have anxiety…. And the job of every sales person is to increase my certainty and reduce my anxiety”

– Victor Antonio

The Sales Process

The sales process that you use directly affects your ability to sell to people in your industry. So it’s interesting to see how unnecessarily complicated organisations make this process. This week, world renowned international speaker Victor Antonio joins the podcast and helps us break down this process into 3 easy to remember steps… EMPATHIZE … EDUCATE… EMPOWER.

Starting out in one of the roughest parts of Chicago, Victor built himself a 20 year long career as a top sales executive and became the president of global sales and marketing for a 420 million dollar company. His experience, from building his career from the bottom up – to being a top sales professional at a large firm has given him the understanding of how to build healthy relationships with his customers and get the most out of those relationships.

Where you can find Victor:


[00:50] – Victor explains how he got into sales

[03:25] – Before Victor got into sales did he have any negative perceptions around it

[04:45] – Behaviors of high performing sales people that really stand out

[07:04] – Did Victor follow a process early in his career?

[09:50] – The biggest changes in sales Victor has noticed since the nineties

[11:55] – Do we build rapport with customers and develop a relationship or do we just try and close them?

[16:10] – How important is it for sales people to ‘really find out the why?’

[19:25] – Elements of a great sales process

[20:10] – Empathize

[21:20] – Educate

[22:20] – Empower

[23:38] – Mistakes to avoid when building a sales process or methodology

[28:20] – What Larry was doing that was so successful

[30:15] – How we can empathize with our customers

[34:00] – The difference between sympathy and empathy

[35:30] – Luigi has a ‘ah-ha’ moment

[37:00] – The sales process isn’t always linear

[38:50] – How do we empower our customer and get them to buy?

[45:04] – Sales… is it an art or a science?

[48:35] – If you could go back in time what would you do differently?

[49:20] – What’s something that you should do right now to increase your ability to sell?

[50:42] – Some places you can go to find out more about Victor


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15th Feb 2019


Tips to get your pipeline humming

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Tips to get your pipeline humming

Increasing your pipeline is the goal of ever Sales professional… but are you doing it the right way? This week we look back at some of the most important advice that each of our guest have given us so that we can push forward on our journey to becoming the best sales professionals we can be.

Do you have an experience you would like to share or something you would like to say? Then let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


[0:00] – Host Luigi introduces this weeks podcast. Talks about why and his mission to help sales people grow by creating and sharing content.

[3:47] – Mark Hunter talks about what his definition of prospecting is. Helping others see and achieve what they did not think what is possible.

[4:51] – Changing the perception of sales. Mark has rant on his mission and talks about what sales people must do and be authentic with a level of integrity to create trust and confidence.

[6:09] – Mark shares his philosophy on prospecting and what strategies are working. Phone isn’t dead. Call the right person at the right time with the right message.

[7:55] – The social selling king talks about best way to start a conversation on LinkedIn. Talks about not throwing up on the prospect on social. Ask questions and start genuine chats.

[9:45] – Importance of Mindset. Daniel shares his view on what high performance looks like on social. Finding the right buyer versus selling to anyone

[10:40] – Daniel provides coaching on a real life scenario on when a buyer doesn’t respond on social. Massaging the prospect. Not with your hands!! Socially interact with their content. Don’t under value how powerful like and comment will have on warming the prospect up

[12:15] – Student of Sales. Selling with the heart by Larry Levine. Passion and being authentic is key. Hard work is key. Being committed to the work load required to be successful. Larry shares his raw and honest feedback about why prospecting and learning cant be beneath even the most experienced sales professional.

[15:07] – Athletes train all the time why don’t sales people. Larry and Luigi have a lot of fun and Larry is on a rampage and shares why being held accountable is key in any part of the sales process. Do sales professionals hold them selves accountable like athletes do. How many practice plan and come to work every single day ready to success.

[19:00] If we don’t practice, role play we are just doing activity. Move away from being the empty suit and don’t be a Debbie downer. Larry practices, prepares every single day.

[20:25] – Using technology to help you prospect and why using a combo model is key with Tony Hughes who shares a summary of research that between 7 and 13 outreach attempts required to get engagement.

[21:41] – Its not just the number of touches. It’s the way you execute. Tony talks about using different channels to engage with your prospect. Combination of activity grabs someone’s attention.

[23:20] – Why determination is key and having the right value narrative is focused on your customer. Being politely and positively persistent is key. Narrative is about them and the value you provide.

[24:45] – Mareo talks about what he does to get the best out of his sales team. Intrinsic versus external motivators.

[26:28] – Why creating value is the whole game in the sales process by Anthony Iannarino.

[27:45] – Product doesn’t need to create grater value. Taking out competitors starts with you, by being willing to create greater value through the experience with the sales professional.

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