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23rd May 2019

How to generate more leads and increase pipeline velocity with Shawn Finder

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Increasing your pipeline velocity is critical in your sales role as it allows you to power through and close more deals. This week Shawn Finder, author of the B2B Sales handbook and renowned sales entrepreneur joins the podcast to discuss the most important things you can be doing right now to increase your lead generation and pipeline velocity.

Places you can find Shawn:

The B2B Sales Handbook:


[01:38 ]– Why Shawn became an entrepreneur rather than going pro in tennis

[04:45] – Roles that helped Shawn to build his skills in sales

[07:45] – Shawn’s goals for Autoklose

[09:36] – What makes an email campaign effective?

[12:00] – When to move on to your next opportunity

[14:37] – Does a combination of multiple reach platforms affect your ability to reach your prospect?

[16:10] – Content you should be creating to give value

[19:20] – A quick recap from Luigi

[20:10] – The best way to write an email

[22:20] – Inspiration for the B2B sales handbook

[26:35] – The need for sales coaches in the industry

[28:40] – How competitive sport helped Shawn develop skills for the sales industry

[32:15] – Biggest influence in Shawn’s career

[33:49] – What would Shawn have done differently

[35:15] – You should do this right now!



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6th May 2019

Sales Enablement: Driving Success with Tamara Schenk

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This week Tamara Schenk joins the podcast. She is an author, keynote speaker and Sales Enablement Evangelist who has a strong belief in helping everyone to become the best salespeople they can be (yes…just like us!). This week we discuss some of the reports which Tamara has created and the impact her research will have on the world of sales.

Places you can find Tamara:


[01:10] – Tamara explains how she got into sales and sales enablement

[07:10] – Tamara discusses the troubles she had when implementing a sales enablement strategy in her company have

[10:50] – Tamara explains her definition of sales enablement

[13:25] – Luigi and Tamara discuss some of the key learnings you will get from reading her reports

[17:35] – Tamara talks about sales methodology and whether it is applied in the real world

[20:35] – If you don’t have a sales function…this is what you should be doing right now

[25:40] – What happens when you process plateaus?

[27:48] – How important is C-level executive buy-in for enablement strategies?

[31:50] – Enablement services available for salespeople to use

[34:00] – Do sales teams who have coaches achieve more?

[36:24] – What you can do to help you to become a better salesperson

[41:05] – Sales: an art or a science?

[43:02] – What Tamara would do differently if she had her time again

[44:20] – Has having experience in multiple fields affected Tamara’s ability skills and the knowledge she has gained?

[46:30] – Places you can find Tamara


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24th Apr 2019

Attitude: The secret weapon of sales with Brandon Bornancin

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Attitude: The secret weapon of a sales professional

One of a sales professional’s most valuable tools is the attitude they bring to the table. Having a positive attitude and a buyer’s mindset allows for you to sell more effectively, learn from your mistakes and move to the next level of selling while those around you cannot.

This week Brandon Bornancin joins the podcast to discuss his career in sales. As the founder and CEO of ‘Seamless.AI’, Brandon has a love for helping people through the sales process. Listening to Brandon, you can hear the passion he has for his craft. When tuning in to this podcast, I want you to pay attention to his motivations and beliefs on attitude so you will be able to take that step next step and become a better sales leader.

Places you can find Brandon:


[01:06] – Brandon explains his journey into sales and his experiences as CEO of both a successful and a failed company…

[13:10] – Hold the presses! Brandon is writing a new book!

[15:30] – The most important learnings Brandon has taken from leaders in the sales industry

[19:45] – The importance of attitude and energy when building pipeline

[27:40] – Brandon discusses the effectiveness of cold outreach in 2019

[30:20] – The best things you can do to get more engagement with your prospects

[42:20] – How effective a positive mindset can be in day to day life

[52:05] – The biggest influence in Brandon’s career


Published on:

17th Apr 2019

Jack’s guide to social selling with Jack Kosakowski

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Jack’s Guide to social selling

In today’s sales industry, Social Selling has become a massive part of a sales professional’s career and yet so many people do not know how to use it effectively to enhance their sales ability.

This week, the leading social expert for sales and marketing Jack Kosakowski joins the podcast to show you how you can use social to enhance your sales, extend your reach and increase your online presence.

Some places you can go to find Jack:


[00:22] – Luigi introduces Social Selling as this week’s topic

[02:05] – Jack introduces himself and his journey into sales and marketing

[08:40] – Jack explains how helping his current clients develop their own strategies has in turn increased his abilities as a sales professional

[11:10] – How you as a salesperson should be building up your social content

[14:05] – Jack talks about the different content you need to create value for your customers

[16:10] – When do you take your content from social to a physical conversation?

[23:00] – Metrics to measure the effectiveness of your social

[24:50] – Luigi and Jack talk about how much time should you be spending on a lead channel

[28:00] – What you can do right now to start building your social presence

[31:20] – What attracted Jack to using social and his prediction for sales people on social

[40:30] – Small steps you can take to build your social presence

[43:50] – How much should you be sharing per day?

[45:20] – How do you know if the content you create is valuable to your audience?

[46:55] – Things we should never do on social

[49:55] – Jack talks about the people that inspired his sales career

[52:10] – If jack could go back in time what would he do differently


Published on:

11th Apr 2019

Habits you need to drive Sales Success with Carson Heady

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Habits you need to drive Sales Success

This week renowned author Carson Heady joins the podcast to discuss the habits a Sales Professional needs to be successful in the today’s world of sales.

Working at Microsoft, one of the most prestigious companies in the world, Carson knows what drives success and from his experience he knows exactly what habits you need to develop to become a leading sales professional.

Some places you can go to find Carson:


[01:35] – How Carson started in sales

[03:10] – Falling into the role of being a sales person

[05:45] – The difference between B2B and B2C sales

[06:42] – Should you expect to know everything?

[08:55] – Carson explains what caused him to start seeing a big change in his abilities

[10:30] – Carson’s book ‘The Birth of a Salesperson’ and why it is important you read it

[14:24] – Some of the deals Carson has helped create and his philosophy on how to create deals

[17:00] – Luigi and Carson discuss the holy trinity of sales and the traits of top-performers

[20:50] – The driver for Luigi’s success in the sales

[21:36] – Sales process Carson uses to drive sales

[23:00] – Carson speaks about his beliefs on prospecting

[27:00] – The challenge of having to many resources available to you

[28:20] – Prioritising your time to get maximum benefit

[30:30] – The non-negotiable activities

[32:20] – Qualities Carson looks for in salespeople

[33:22] – Carson talks about the need for endurance in sales

[34:50] – Luigi and Carson talk about the need for growth in your career

[36:40] – Has Carson ever had a really negative mindset after losing a deal

[39:20] – Has there been a time where a lack of relationship or contention has cost Carson a deal

[41:43] – The biggest influence on Carson’s career

[44:55] – If given the opportunity what would Carson have done differently

[46:56] – Some places you can go to connect with Carson






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