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10th Jul 2019

How to create a mindset of high performance with Dana Cavalea

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If you’ve engaged with any of my content or undertaken our training and coaching, you will have seen how passionate I am about getting your mindset right to succeed in Sales. It all starts with self and in order to be a high performing sales professional, you need to get the fundamentals right. If you’ve yet to connect, send me an email or hit me up on LinkedIn and you can check out this article and other great content, let’s start a discussion. 

High performing sales professionals share common characteristics. They are focused on learning and focused on being the best they can be, they are competitive, they have high expectations for themselves, high performers don’t shy away from hard work. They understand that in order to be the best they must work hard and do what others aren’t prepared to do. So before you start hunting clients and trying to find hacks to increase sales think about your mindset and what you are doing daily to improve your attitude so you can be the best sales professional you can be.   

This week we are joined by the New York Yankees Director of Strength and Conditioning, Coach Dana Cavalea. Coach Dana is one of THE BEST high performance coaches in the business. Not only does he get results at the Yankees, he is a keynote speaker and

Personal High Performance & Executive Coach to CEO’s & Execs at some of the top performing companies and athletes around the globe. Join us as we find out from Coach Dana what it takes to become a high performance sales professional. 


Where you can find Coach Dana  



[01:40] – Coach Dana explains his journey to high performance coaching 

[07:00] – How Coach Dana went from Yankees to the corporate world and their similarities 

[13:40] – THE definition of high performance 

[15:20] – Can you achieve high performance without achieving your desired result 

[17:20 ]– Not everyone has an ongoing strategy 

[21:30] – Learning to switch off 

[28:10] – The makings of a great coach 

[31:05] – Are there people who are not coachable? 

[32:45] – What you need to know when your team is performing  

[38:30] – The key lessons about becoming a high performer  

[49:30] – The key characteristics of all high performers  

[52:20] – Biggest influence in Coach Dana’s career  

[54:50] – Where you can find Coach Dana  







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3rd Jul 2019

How to build a high converting outreach process with Mark Kosoglow

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Smashing your outreach and achieving a high conversion is the dream of every sales team on the planet. Thinking you can achieve this without a formal cadence process is ludicrous! 

Joining us on this episode is Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at Outreach. Mark discuss how you can increase your conversion rates and take a step towards that dream with a killer cadence process. 

Places you can find Mark: 



[spp-timestamp time=”02:20″] – An intro to Mark and his journey in sales  

[spp-timestamp time=”04:15″] – Key learnings Mark took away from his first job in sales 

[spp-timestamp time=”07:45″] – The inspiration for Mark’s book 

[spp-timestamp time=”10:10″] – Mark’s definition of sales cadence  

[spp-timestamp time=”11:45″] – The number of outreach touches you need for a lead 

[spp-timestamp time=”12:45″] – The first step before executing a cadence plan 

[spp-timestamp time=”14:20″] – Mediums you should be using to engage with your prospect 

[spp-timestamp time=”16:45″] – Cold calling is not dead? 

[spp-timestamp time=”18:50″] – The best time to overcome an objection 

[spp-timestamp time=”20:20″] – Luigi’s quick recap 

[spp-timestamp time=”24:20″] – Aligning your content to customer personas 

[spp-timestamp time=”26:25″] – Content you should put in your emails to get engagement 

[27:35] – Shhh! The secret to getting people to show up to meetings 

[spp-timestamp time=”31:55″] – One thing that Mark would do differently 

[spp-timestamp time=”33:35″] – Biggest influence in Mark’s career 

[spp-timestamp time=”34:40″] – Sales: A science or an art? 

[spp-timestamp time=”35:40″] – Where you can find Mark  



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19th Jun 2019

Sales Secrets from the Sales Evangelist with Donald C. Kelly

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Donald C. Kelly is THE Sales Evangelist. As one of the leading figures in the sales industry, a sales coach and the host of his own podcast “The $ales Evangelist”, Donald has spent 5 years both learning and discussing the different ways in which our industry has changed, in addition to the experiences of different sales leaders from around the globe. Donald is truly an inspirational guy, and someone to look up to for the mindset and attitude he brings to work each day.

This episode is packed with loads of great content about mindset and awesome stories about Donald’s podcast. As you listen to this episode, consider your mindset, how you show up every day and what you could be doing right now to become the next sales gun in your organisation.

Where you can find Donald:


[02:40] – Donald and Luigi discuss their podcasts and the effort that goes into making them

[05:25] – Donald shares his journey into sales

[08:00] – What made Donald’s father such a big influence in his career

[10:50] – What inspired Donald to start “The $ales Evangelist” podcast?

[15:00] – Moments Donald looked back and thought ‘What an episode!’

[17:30] – Common traits and skills of high performers

[23:40] – How Donald breaks out of a negative mindset

[30:20] – The importance of having a morning routine and a positive mindset

[39:00] – The little things that make a high performer stand out above the rest of the crowd

[43:30] – What Donald would have done differently

[46:10] – Sales: an art or science? [Luigi at it again!! Ed]

[48:00] – Where you can find Donald


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13th Jun 2019

Defining and Nailing It: Omni-Channel Prospecting with Mario Martinez

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With the constant change our customers face daily, the increased uptake of technology and busy being the new norm, we must continue to evolve our strategies to ensure that we are reaching our prospects and increasing our conversion rates. This week Mario Martinez Jr. joins the podcast to discuss omni-channel prospecting, what it is and how you can incorporate it into your current sales strategies.

Mario Martinez:

Mario is a sales expert, having been named one of 2019’s top sales influencers he has spent most of his life in sales, Mario knows what works and what doesn’t. A confident speaker and super knowledgeable, he is passionate about helping Sale Professionals increase their sales knowledge and adopt additional channels in their sales process.

Places you can find Mario:



[02:10] – Mario Introduces himself and his journey into sales

[05:20] – What Mario did at the start of his career that made him successful

[07:45] – Is Mario still a learner of sales?

[12:30] – No room for complacency in sales

[15:40] – What is omni-channel prospecting?

[18:30] – Understanding omni-Channel prospecting and how you can use it

[24:50] – The importance of personalising your message and who should be responsible for it

[28:50] – The PVC sales methodology

[34:50] – The BVBV strategy

[37:45] – What should we stop doing immediately as sales professionals

[42:05] – Biggest influence on Mario

[44:30] – Sales: art or science?


Published on:

2nd Jun 2019

How to Recruit the Right Sales Talent with Jeremy Donovan

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How to Recruit the Right Sales Talent

When hiring an SDR, it is important you hire someone who is going to not only be effective in your team, but also has the right mindset and fits the culture of your organisation. This week, Jeremy Donovan of SalesLoft joins the podcast to discuss what he looks for in an SDR and what you can be doing to nail your interviews.

With an untraditional entrance into the sales industry, Head of Sales Strategy and Sales Development and GM NYC at SalesLoft, co-author of Predictable Prospecting, and author of another 4 books including How to Deliver a Ted-Talk, there is something for everyone to take away and implement as Jeremy shares his knowledge with us on SDR training and leading sales teams.


Where you can find Jeremy



[03:10] – Jeremy’s non-traditional journey into the world of sales

[04:53] – Jeremy’s current role at SalesLoft

[06:00] – Jeremy’s experience in hiring SDR’s

[07:50] – The difference experience makes when hiring an SDR

[09:40] – 3 things an SDR needs and how to test for them

[15:15] – The best ways to find talent

[19:40] – What correlates with being a good sales leader

[22:10] – The recruitment process Jeremy uses

[26:45] – The importance of mindset and coach-ability when hiring

[29:48] – Building confidence with new employees

[33:14] – The time to let someone go

[41:00] – Biggest influences in Jeremy’s career

[43:00] – One thing Jeremy would do differently

[44:16] – Luigi is at it again, Sales: is it an art or science>?

[46:48] – Where you can find Jeremy


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