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18th Aug 2019

The truth behind sales enablement with George Brontén

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Strap yourselves in for an awesome episode featuring special guest, CEO and founder of – George Brontén!! This week Luigi and George discuss the creation of Membrain as well the key learnings from his time in Sales. Get your pens ready because there are a heap of nuggets in this episode for you to discover. 

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[02:10] – George introduces himself and shares his journey into sales

[04:30] – George’s early wins and learnings before founding Membrain 

[11:00] – Competing with the big brands (Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce)

[15:10] – Key learnings with George

[18:00] – Sales and automation: George and Luigi discuss the future of sales

[23:55] – What you should be doing to ensure you have a job in the next 2-5 years

[28:20] – George’s definition of sales enablement

[32:25] – The makings of a world class sales team

[39:00] – George recommends a book written by a surgeon (what-the?)

[43:20] – What good coaching should look like

[47:40] – What you can do to build confidence in your career

[52:30] – Sales Professionals… are they born or made?

[54:02] – (You know what time it is) Sales: A science or an art?

[54:20] – Biggest influence in George’s career

[55:20] – One thing George would have done differently 



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12th Aug 2019

How to differentiate yourself and future proof your career with Anita Neilson

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Sales isn’t just about making a transaction… It’s about you helping a person to achieve success through their company. This week Luigi and special guest Anita Neilson tackle the topic of automation in the workplace and what you should be doing to ‘beat the bots’ and continue to have a successful career in sales.

Having worked in B2B sales enablement and support for over 20 years Anita is an expert who’s knowledge of the sales industry could be pivotal in your career. With the recent release of her book ‘Beat the bots’ being an important topic in this week’s podcast we suggest you buy it and think about what you could be doing right now in the sales war against the Bots.

Where you can find Anita: 



[02:10] – Luigi introduces Anita and this week’s topic

[03:15] – Anita explains how she got into sales

[05:00] – The motivation to write ‘Beat the Bots’ 

[07:10] – Leisure suit Larry. (What the!?)

[09:20] – Combatting the challenge of being redundant as a sales professional

[11:20] – The answer to the question “What the hell does value mean!?”

[17:25] – What you should start doing right now to create personalized value and lose that slimey perception.

[23:40] – How you become a raging advocate for your client

[26:00] – Why you should be an advocate for your client

[34:10] – The benefits of AI in the sales industry when paired with a human interaction

[34:40] – The need for people and heart while working in sales

[38:00] – Anita’s surprising answer to whether sales is a science or art

[38:40] – Biggest influence in Anita’s career

[39:50] – One thing Anita would have done differently



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4th Aug 2019

Generational Selling: How to sell your personas with Anna Liotta

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This week we welcome the sensational Anna Liotta to the Sales IQ Podcast. Anna is an expert in generational dynamics of the business world and how an understanding of these dynamics can impact relationships with your customers and help with generational selling. This understanding comes from 20 years of research and consulting with clients ranging from Amazon to the NBA.

Tune in and think about how you can implementing key takeaways into your conversations so you can sell more to the different generations you engage with.

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[03:00] – Anna explains how she got into sales and how being 1 of 19 children (WOW) affected her career 

[11:30] – Differences between the current and previous generations 

[13:20] – Generations in the workplace

[16:30] – Biggest blind spots across generations

[21:40] – Behavioural styles of different generations

[23:30] – Maximise your opportunities by selling to the generations

[26:50] – You would not believe the most difficult generation in sales

[32:50] – How you can use your knowledge of different generations to help build better personas and engagement

[41:00] – The code each generation follows in the sales industry

[44:30] – Biggest influence in Anna’s career

[46:00] – Sales: A science or an art?

[47:50] – What you should do immediately after listening to this


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25th Jul 2019

How to sell more with Gap Selling with Jim Keenan

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This week’s guest is a little controversial with some of what he says not going down too well with a few people in our industry, but with so much knowledge and experience, there is a lot of value Jim Keenan gives us Sales Professionals. Author of Gap Selling and Not Taught, Keenan is the founder and CEO of A Sales Guy Inc. He is passionate and raw, be ready to hit mute if the kids are around but keep your notepad handy for the notes you’ll want to take down on how you can find the gap to win more sales.

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Where you can find Keenan: 



[04:30] – Keenan’s beliefs on sales

[07:20] – The difference between sales and marketing

[08:35] – Inspiration for writing Gap Selling

[14:05] – The reason why it is NEVER about you

[17:10] – The most vital truth bombs that Keenan knows and what happens if you take them away

[20:15] – How you should open when you don’t know what the problem is

[23:55] – The questions Keenan asks when selling 

[26:40] – What you should be training your team to do (Understanding the impacts that problems cause)

[33:10] – Some non-negotiables to help your customer in the sales process

[36:40] – Weakest link for teams in the sales process 

[37:05] – What makes a high performance sales professional so successful 

[38:40] – Sales: a science or an art?

[42:02] – Biggest influence in Keenan’s career 


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18th Jul 2019

#SalesTruths to Help You Sell More with Mike Weinberg

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We all know it, it’s a key #SalesTruth: being a Sales Professional requires hard work, because there are no shortcuts to having the right mindset and being a leader in your industry.

This week we talk to Mike Weinberg, author of best sellers ‘#SalesTruth’ and ‘Sales Management. Simplified’. Mike and Luigi are both avid believers that sales is not something which can be cheated. It takes hard work and effort to become a true Sales Professional, listen in to the #salestruths and be prepared to ramp up your efforts as you put into play key takeaways from the show.

Leave us a comment on your key takeaway and what you will implement enhance your skills and #beyourbest.

For more great insights and to connect with Luigi:

Where you can find Mike:  



[01:05] – Luigi has a message for everyone

[04:30] – Mike explains how he got into sales (even though he didn’t want to)

[07:00] – Why Mike wrote #SalesTruth

[08:20] – Difference between salespeople and sales managers

[11:20] – Debunking the ‘truths’ made by some “celebrities”

[18:25] – The 3 truths Luigi sees in sales

[19:20] – Become an opportunity creator

[24:30] – Spot the difference between true sales experts and fake sales people

[28:40] – Key learnings from the 2016 US presidential election 

[35:15] – Where you can find Mike

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