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17th Oct 2019

Building the mindset for success with Jennifer Gluckow

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This week is all about Mindset… and who better to discuss this topic than special guess Jennifer Gluckow of the Sell or Die Podcast. Jennifer is an avid believer in having a positive mindset throughout all aspects of your life and you can see that throughout the episode.

This week we want to do something special. Luigi has taken up the 30 day challenge of not getting on his phone in the morning… We challenge you to do the same and tell us how it affects your mindset over the course of the challenge.


Where you can find Jennifer:



[2:30] – Working with Jeffrey Gitomer

[4:50] – How Jennifer got into sales

[8:45] – When Jennifer realised the importance of mindset

[15:00] – Finding the motivation to change your mindset

[17:50] – Lui takes up the 30 day challenge… you should too!!

[22:15] – Stop looking at your phone and social media!

[24:20] – What do you do when you start to have a negative headspace

[28:20] – Why you should change the way you are doing things.

[29:10] – The traits that successful people have in any industry

[36:40] – The actions that Luigi is going to take after after this podcast

[37:20] – The biggest influence in Jennifer’s sales career

[41:05] – Is sales an art or a science?


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11th Oct 2019

A guide to buyer enablement with Kevin Dixon

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This week we welcome Kevin Dixon to the podcast. Kevin is the founder of ‘Boxxstep.’ A brilliant software that adds a buyer-centric approach to your CRM. In this episode Kevin and Luigi have an in depth discussion about buyer enablement and the points in the sales industry which could be improved upon.

There is a ton of advice and sales tips for you to take in this episode so I recommend you have your notepad at the ready.

Where you can find Kevin:

  • Email:



[03:10] – How Kevin got into sales

[06:20] – Kevin’s motivation for starting Boxxstep

[08:20] – The difference that adding more people into the decision making process has when trying to make a sale.

[09:50] – Kevin’s definition of buyer enablement

[12:30] – Luigi’s and Kevin discuss some current issues within the sales industry

[16:30] – Kevin and Luigi have an in depth discussion on buyers enablement

[20:50] – The importance of being a professional in the sales industry

[22:40] – The way that sales has changed over the last 30 years

[26:10]– How you can focus on buyer enablement if your manager is only focused on the results.

[30:40] – Tips for becoming a better salesperson and leader

[37:30] – The biggest influence in Kevin’s career



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3rd Oct 2019

The psychology of the sale with Bernadette McClelland

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This week we are joined by Bernadette McClelland as we delve into the mystery and “psychology of the sale.” There are a-lot of good nuggets for you to take from this episode and incorporate into your own work… especially about mindset and high performance culture.

Bernadette is ‘The Sales Psychologist…’ equipped with an expert knowledge she is definitely someone who should be on your ‘sales radar.’

Where you can find Bernadette: 

Click here for Bernadette’s Books


[3:00 ]– Bernadette introduces herself and how she got into sales

[6:19]– Inspiration for The art of commercial conversations

[8:30] – The key learnings Bernadette has had working with Tony Robbins

[12:05] – Strategies to help you get out of a slump and be a high performance worker

[14:45] – Your actions have to reinforce what you say: A discussion on sales mindset and high performance

[24:30] – Fatigue in the workplace and the need for resilience – Luigi’s astounding sales redemption

[26:45] – Bernadette’s experiences and understanding of fatigue and burn-out

[31:00] – The importance of being selfishly efficient and understanding what sucess means to you

[36:20] – Sales: science or art

[38:20] – Biggest influence in Bernadette’s career



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11th Sep 2019

How to get a NO so you can get a YES with Andrea Waltz

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This week Andrea Waltz joins the podcast to discuss the reasons that your target shouldn’t be to meet a quota of yes’… But rather to get up to 15 No’s… Crazy right??? Make sure you have your pen and paper ready as we explore the ideology behind ‘going for the no’ and help you look at different ways that you can increase your sales ability. 

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this topic and how you are going to implement them into your day-to-day strategies.

Where you can find Andrea: 



[02:30] – Andrea introduces herself and how she got into sales

[04:55] – The reason why we fear the ‘No’

[07:15 ]– The struggle to embrace the ‘No’

[10:30] – Just hearing “No” isn’t the issue… Your mindset is just as important

[12:00] – How hearing “No” impacts your confidence

[15:20] – You need to learn what each ‘No” means

[19:15] – The levels of failure

[27:10] – Lui gets some coaching about level three

[30:00] – The science of setting ‘No’ goals

[35:00] – Some quick things you can implement to stop hearing “No”

[37:40] – Biggest influence in Andrea’s career

[39:20] – Sales: Science or art?



Published on:

27th Aug 2019

How to Lead World Class Sales People with Deb Calvert

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Hope you guys are ready for another awesome episode of the Sales IQ Podcast. Man what an episode! so many nuggets right there for you to extract. This week we welcome Deb Calvert to the podcast as we discuss the different ways that you can “Stop Selling and Start Leading.”

Pay close attention to what Deb says… With over 15 years of Sales experience she is definitely a Sales Professional you should be paying attention to and if you get the chance read her book!! It will definitely be something that you will be re-reading it… I know I have been!!

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Where you can find Deb:


[03:25] – How Deb got into sales

[04:45]– The reason why Deb loves sales

[05:27 ]– The inspiration for ‘Stop Selling and Start Leading’

[07:00] – The importance of the value system

[09:10] – Why do people keep using these unethical strategies?

[12:10] – What you should be doing if you don’t fully know your buyer’s needs

[14:02] – Helping your team to overcome fear and move forward

[14:40 ]– Applying that mindset to the buying process 

[17:25] – How to resolve a conflict of values between a salesperson and a buyer with a real life example

[22:00] – So you’re executing your values… now this is how you find your voice

[26:00] – The difference between a top performer and your regular empty suit sales person

[33:20] – 3 steps to accomplish your goals with your buyer

[37:50] – The biggest influence in Deb’s career 

[42:05] – One thing that Deb would do differently

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