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28th Nov 2019

How to optimize your sales cadence with Gabe Larsen

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This week we welcome Gabe Larsen to the Sales IQ podcast. Gabe is THE person you want to talk to and should be following on social if you want to learn about Sales Cadence and using it effectively in your career.

This week we dive deep into Sales Cadence and what you should be doing to enhance your ability and sell effectively in your industry. There is tons of information here for you to unpack so we hope you are ready to take it all in.

We are loving the feedback so please keep it coming, tell us your sales stories, we want to hear how you have improved your skills and taken the next step in your sales journey.

Where you can find Gabe:

[03:15] - How Gabe got into sales 

[07:30] - The definition of Sales Cadence 

[10:50] - The 5 pillars of sales cadence 

[12:30] - The importance of cadence and the need for marketing and sales to work together 

[15:05] - The best outreach attempt Luigi had… and it didn't have a call to action!!

[16:25] - Why you should be using video despite what the statistics tell you

[20:30] - The secrets behind making an expert video to open a dialogue

[32:00] - Tips for using text to enhance your sales experience

[40:50] - Sales people; are they born or made?

[43:00] - Sales; a science or art?

[45:30] - The biggest influence in Gabe's career


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20th Nov 2019

How to disrupt a major retailer with Justin Dry

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This week we welcome special guest Justin Dry to the podcast! Justin – not only a dead set legend, is the co-founder and CEO of Vinofomo, an e-commerce premium wine retailer. From Vinomofo inception to disruption of the wine industry, Justin shares an immense wealth of knowledge and how a positive mindset helped him achieve his success.  

Grab out your pens guys because this episode is a cracker. We would love to hear what you think… Don’t forget to leave us a rating, comment and tell us your thoughts. We love the feedback you guys send us so please keep it coming.  

Where you can find Justin: 



[03:20] – Justin tells us a bit about himself and how he grew up in the wine industry 


[08:15] – The impact of Justin’s family business failing 

[10:15] – A brilliant morning routine  

[] – How much of Justin’s success is attributed to the mindset he has created 

[18:00] – The motivation for buying back Vinomofo and the effects it had on the business 

[27:10] – The toughest thing Justin has had to overcome in his career 

[30:25] – Key strategies for building your pipeline and business 

[33:50] – The people who have influenced Justin’s career. 

[36:12] – How Luigi and Justin met and the reason it is important you introduce yourself to new people. 





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15th Nov 2019

The value of having an SDR team with John Barrows

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This week on the sales IQ Podcast we are excited to have John Barrows join us to discuss all things Sales. This week we have an interesting theme… and that theme is SDR Selling. John is one of the top sales people in the world and he shares so much of his knowledge that we hope you are ready to unpack everything you hear.

John has recently created and started selling an awesome Sales book… and its for the kids!! Titled ‘I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up!’ John highlights the best parts of being in sales and his book shows how the perception around sales people needs to change.

Where you can find John:

When I grow up I want to be in sales!


[00:00] – Luigi discuss this weeks podcast topic

[05:00] – John introduces himself and how he got into the sales profession 

[09:10] – Why did the copier industry embrace sales training?

[14:20] – The importance of investing in SDR’s 

[15:50] – the future of the SDR role

[19:20] – Sales is a science not an art… we didn’t bring it up this time!

[21:30] – The importance of outlook and your mindset in sales

[28:10] – The motivation for ‘I want to be in Sales when i grow up

[37:00] – Embracing technology to improve your career 

[45:00] – Biggest influence in John Barrow’s career 


Published on:

3rd Nov 2019

Principles of a Sales Professional with Jeff Bajorek

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This week we welcome the one and only Jeff Bajorek to the show. Jeff is the host of the why and the buy podcast and he brings a lot of information to the table… This week we discuss the principles that great sales professionals follow and what has led Jeff to thinking these principles are so important. 

There are a heap of juicy nuggets in this episode for you to unpack and information that you can use to increase your abilities in the sales profession.

We love hearing about your sales stories, your thoughts and your feedback for the podcast… so keep them coming!

Where you can find Jeff:  



[04:45] – What inspired Jeff to start his podcast

[07:55] – How Jeff was dragged kicking and screaming into sales

[12:20] – Jeff’s first thoughts on what sales was 

[16:25] – Defining the role of a sales person and the importance of knowing the principles

[25:00] – The key principles that Jeff keeps coming back too

[40:20] – Are salespeople born or made?

[25:10] – Sales a science or an art


Published on:

24th Oct 2019

How to coach for sales results with Brad Sugars

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This week we are joined by Founder and chairman of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars to discuss coaching for sales results and what you should be doing right now to improve your own sales abilities.

There is a heap of useful information in this weeks episode about what makes a great sales professional and what you can be doing to become one of the best professionals in the sales industry.

Where you can find Brad:

Brads books:



[01:50] – How Brad Sugars got into sales

[03:20] – The inspiration for actionCOACH

[05:10] – Was Brad surrounded in sales throughout his childhood?

[06:00] – Some of the key learnings Brad learnt early on in his sales career

[12:55 ] – The importance of gathering information

[17:00] – Advice for people looking for some easy wins

[21:05 ]– The importance of competing against your personal best and training

[24:00] – The importance of a sales process 

[25:50] – The problem with today’s sales people

[31:00] – The best of the best sales people

[31:40] – What would brad do differently

[35:00 ]– Manager and leaders

[38:50] – Sales: Art or science

[40:00] – Being a professional in the sales industry

[42:00] – Biggest influence in Brad’s career 


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